About Us


At CardioFlex, we know that you can’t always do everything by yourself. That’s why we’ve partnered up with several other recognized companies who offer additional equipment and services that we wouldn’t ordinarily provide. This adds a tremendous value for our patients, who don’t always know where to get what they need.

DonJoy - Manufacturing custom fitted knee braces for athletes and surgically repaired patients, DonJoy uses the highest quality materials on the market for these orthopedic products. They also produce bone growth stimulators, which help us to decrease healing time in our patients who've had a bone fracture. Because of their outstanding reputation, DonJoy supplies several national and international sports teams and organizations with knee braces, and other medical equipment.

United Care Services
United Care Services - Offering nurses, speech therapists, home health aides, and homemaker companions, United Care provides vital services to our homebound seniors and patients. This allows us to focus on our primary job, to rehabilitate our patients and get them stronger.

Carepoint Medical Solutions - Distributing compression pumps for lymphedema and chronic swelling, Carepoint enables patients with severe upper and lower extremity edema an opportunity to manage their condition more effectively. We use this equipment in conjunction with our physical therapy services, in order to increase peripheral circulation, and decrease fluid retention in our patients who suffer from this debilitating condition.

EMPI - Supplying electrical stimulation and traction devices in a variety of different machines and setups, EMPI gives additional pain relief and inflammation control to our patients. These devices are used by our therapists during treatment, and are given to patients once therapy has ended.

Dynasplint Systems
Dynasplint Systems - Fitting a wide range of various braces and progressive loading splints for patients with joint contractures and decreased range of motion, Dynasplint helps us to restore movement in patients. Their technology is cutting-edge, and assists us greatly in our efforts to rehabilitate those that need additional joint motion and function.

Patterson Medical - Providing rehab equipment, durable medical equipment (DME), & supplies, Patterson Medical provides everything from splinting material to motorized wheelchairs. Just about anything that a patient needs, we can order.